Patriots Contracting Services Inc. is an experienced concrete contractor you can trust. 

We specialize in concrete construction, as well as decorative and stamped concrete. We work with homeowners, businesses and developers throughout the Halifax area to bring our client’s visions to life.

We can handle any commercial and residential project, from walkways and driveways to large commercial construction, foundations and slabs. 

We work with the latest equipment and technology. Our crew are fully trained professionals with the skills required to bring any project to completion on time and on budget. 

We take safety seriously. All our equipment and gear meet industry safety standards.

Most importantly, we’re passionate about what we do and we take our job seriously. With Patriots Contracting Services Inc., you can trust the job will get done right. Our crew is knowledgeable and passionate about their work, ensuring you’ll love the finished product just as much as we do!


Some of the residential and commercial concrete services we offer include:

Concrete finishing – finishing concrete is a talent . All of our employees take pride in leaving our costumers satisfied. We use the latest tools and keep are gear maintained to give you a great finished floor, driveway and walkways etc.

Trenching – we offer on time and friendly service with everything we do. Trenching is used in commercial and residential projects. Trenching is a area in the concrete cut out to allow plumbers Or electricians to place their  pipes under the concrete and then we come back in and pour the concrete back over the pipes to keep them secure and hidden in the floor .

Curbs and gutters – Curbs and gutters are used to control the water flow. Either keep it off the grass/mulch  or out of a down hill area , keeping water from foundation access and flooding . We offer curb and gutter service at patriots contracting .

Drainage systems – we at patriots contracting stay in touch with our distributor to stay up to date with the latest material . We know a wide variety of drainage systems and we are fully able to instal them . 

Concrete cutting – We provide a concrete cutting service at patriots contracting . It could be controlled cuts , to door ways . Concrete demolition. We can cut and remove concrete at a affordable price .

Engineered slabs – Engineered slabs are typically used in drawn up by an engineer for a structured building/garage/shed. At Patriots contracting we have experienced plenty of engineers slabs and we bring high performance to your next project. On time. And its affordable.

Exposed – Exposed concrete is typically used exterior light. Exposed concrete is a decorative concrete which is done in a process where the top layer of concrete is ripped off leaving the rocks and pebbles exposed through the top surface

Stamp concrete – Stamp concrete is one of the most beautiful concretes there are two offer. Stamp concrete usually involves dying the concrete to a colour you would like. After the concrete is poured in place we have a wide variety of textured stamps to imprint the concrete with to leave it with a beautiful high gloss finish . Once the concrete is sealed we apply at texture grit so that the concrete is not slippery.

Concrete polishing-concrete polishing is taking your old Or new concrete surface and polishing it to either a mat or high-gloss finish which is used in a lot of commercial areas with high foot traffic. Concrete polishing is now seen more in condos and in floor heating concrete floors

Left uncovered because we are able to give the concrete and natural stone look as if it was granite.

Here at patriot contracting we like all of our customers to be satisfied. Communication is one of the biggest things in the construction industry and we do not slack on it. We listen to your vision and we bring it to life. Here at Patriots contracting we do not mind helping you stay in your budget and giving you the opportunity to review what you want done before we place it on the ground. We do not like to rush And we do not like to overcharge our customers . we have no problem telling you  To save in areas and show you your savings .

Unlike other types of building materials, concrete is not weakened by moisture, mold or pests and it actually gains strength over time. Concrete structures are more resistant to natural disasters, such as earthquakes and hurricanes and the production of concrete requires less energy than other comparable building materials. 

To learn more or to schedule a free estimate at your home or business, contact us today!